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Why another cluster?

Clusters are typically regional and sector focused to influence factors related to market competition. This is done by cooperating on agendas for lobbying in public sector, technology innovation initiatives, supply chain improvements, competence development and labor market aspects. 

Clusters that represent mainly specialized suppliers or producers within a limited geographical area will often not be able to impact or support activities with cross industry and international impact.  

Therefore, establishing a independent top tier cluster with representatives from a complete value chain with research institutions, large and small producers and service providers, in addition to investor and public funding representatives makes sense.

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Value through diversity

To ensure that the cluster will be able to provide value for an entire sector related to offshore energy the following target are set for member mix.

Public sector and non-profits
Manufacturers and service providers
Technology and research institutions

About Us

What is a cluster?

Clusters has played a significant role in impacting the competitive environment in specific industries. Michael E. Porter which have made a significant contribution to research on competive advantage has therefor in his 1998 publication ‘On competition’ defined clusters as follows; 

Clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, suppliers, service providers, firms in related industries, and associated institutions (universities, standardization agencies, and trade associations) in particular fields that compete and also cooperate’

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Top tier operator companys

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