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VisionOffshore energy potential fully utilized in the Baltics VisionOffshore energy potential fully utilized in the Baltics
VisionOffshore energy potential
fully utilized in the Baltics
VisionOffshore energy potential
fully utilized in the Baltics

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Our mission

To accelerate development of the offshore energy industry in the Baltics

Offshore wind

Waves and Currents

Capture and Storage


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What we do

One sector but many interests

Regional and national clusters all have their own agendas which unfortunately can lead to conflict of interests from an international perspective. 

By creating a cluster with the sole focus on increasing collaboration it can serve as a gateway for global companies and international research institutions that are exploring the potential or are looking for partners in all of the Baltic states. 

The cluster will therefor specifically aim to be an information hub for all relevant sector activities in the Baltics. This should contribute positively overall as the stages of development of renewable energy is different in all the Baltic states.

Offshore wind potential - 93GW
Current production - (x) GW
Hydrogen potential - TBC
Current production - TBC
Waves and Current potential - TBC
Current production - TBC

Specific targets

Strategic entry

There is a multitude of existing clusters related to renewable energies offshore, predominantly related to offshore wind. In addition there are established news sharing platforms related to the sector. 

During 2022 the cluster will aim to position itself by gathering members in the following categories:

  • Public sector and non-profits with interest in the sector
  • Manufacturing and service industry for the sector
  • Technology and research institutions in the sector
The cluster will leverage itself actively to:
  • Get international companies to join that that have interests in cooperating with local suppliers and visa-versa. 
  • Get specialist competence service providers and research institutions to provide seminar and courses.
  • Get non-profits and public sector members to participate in events and provide access to their own events for members of this cluster.
  • Establish a partner portal for members to engage in to ease in collaboration efforts.

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